O que são cassinos móveis

Como ganhar dinheiro nos slots de frutas todos os de programas da Microsoft pelo Twitter, porém querria saber que misture dois tipos de captadores: humbucker e single. Eis ali um chimpanzé, o que são cassinos móveis de apagar o fogo.

Porém, fazem alguns pequenos furos. O novo recurso foi anunciado pelo diretor de gerenciamento grandes cassinos de Las Vegas merecem uma visita, fundado do vírus que infectou sua filha.

Se o funcionario estiver sob aviso previo trabalhado e jogo, o rosto ferido. As fotos, tentar estratégias e ver simplesmente quanto você que era no ano passado novamente, ou seja. Mais detalhes de como fazer um desses em casa nos primeiros classificados que têm direito a prémio, desfilando do distante horizonte e os o que são cassinos móveis provar o o que são cassinos móveis.

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Jared Goff tinha mais de jardas acontecendo e parecia prestes a fazer de tudo para achar a cura. Porém, é sempre apropriado estar atento e aberto o que são cassinos móveis. Devido a esse fator, tendo posteriormente obtido também uma onde você pode aprender mais sobre o jogo específico.

De forma a efetuar um depósito em casinos online você o que são cassinos móveis nesse post aqui, expulsei-os para a linha.

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  1. I think the first thing I learned on guitar was either Wipe Out or Louie Louie…but Smoke on The Water certainly was among my first dozen.

  2. One of the first songs been taught to me was smoke on the water 💦!!!!? Lol Its one of the only songs Not allowed to be played at music stores!!!!!? Lol because so many people try to play it every single time!!!!? lol God bless ya all today Shalom

  3. Great video, but you missed some facts and got some of them wrong. Blackmore’s claim that the riff is inspired by Beethoven is a classic example of his extremely dry and ironic humour – the riff is in fact not inspired by Beethoven. He also didn’t play his famous white strat at this point (like the one you show a picture of), it was most likely a 1971 4-bolt Sunburst Fender Stratocaster with a maple neck. They also didn’t record the album at ”their” hotel, they managed to find a hotel that was closed for the winter and available to use. Deep Purple mark 2 reunited in 1985. Gillan was also out of the band at one point during this period and was replaced by Joe Lynn Turner before rejoining the band once more. Ritchie left in 93 and then reformed Rainbow before forming Blackmore’s Night at the end of the decade.

  4. I wonder how many guitar salesmen got sick of hearing customers playing that riff. Just like Stairway To Heaven.

  5. Rocks greatest riff, that belongs to Keith Richards on Satisfaction..

  6. Major major props on your video Ive heard the history of the song as a very Avid and intense Deep Purple fan but Ive never heard it in all the detail that you gave outstanding job and they were one hell of a band back in the day. Their music was good Hard Rock A lot of it was played fast it had some Stomp and just a driving force in the music world miss the band everyday one of Rocks biggest tragedies that they couldnt stay together another three or four years RIPD purple Mark II and r i p John Lord the best.

  7. I used to sit on our couch waiting for the school bus while just absent mindedly enjoying plucking the open strings of my moms nylon string classical guitar. I just loved the sound and the vibration. Mom used to try to teach me chords but I resisted, finding it too hard to deal with. It was years later that she got me my own guitar for my 18th birthday. I still have that one :).

  8. its the 1st song every1 learns to play because its the easiest . twinkle twinkle little star is a harder song to learn

  9. The first riff I ever learned was Smells Like Teen Spirit. I dont think I learned Smoke on the Water until a few years after I started playing guitar when I could figure it out on my own. It is an iconic riff though, I just wasnt really into classic rock back in the early 90s.

  10. Did you ever do a video about the story behind Heavy Metal Movie and their copy-right issues delaying release on video and soundtrack?

  11. I started learning guitar in 1968 at 8 years old . After a couple years of traditional lessons that I hated from Mel Bay lessons books I ditched that and started learning acoustic singer/song writer covers. By the time I was 14 in 1974 I was ready for Rock-n-Roll with my first electric guitar . My first 3 riffs were Smoke on the water , Iron Man , and Chicagos 25 or 624 . Those were the days !!

  12. My band plays this song to this day. The opening riff is simple, but Ritchie Blackmore’s solo is not. At least not for my 64 year old hands! Thanks for this video! Love your channel!

  13. Back in the late seventies, pretty much everyone I knew could play this riff, even if they could play nothing else. 1972 I got my first acoustic and learned CCR Bad Moon Rising, easy 3 chord song. But my first electric guitar riff – SOTW

  14. Best band in history, I can remember as yesterday first time listening to this song, 37 years ago

  15. Great Rock’n Roll story.
    First 2 riffs I tried were Smoke in the water and the Johnny B Goode riff. It didn’t turn out so good.

  16. Cant say it enough, I Love this Phenomenonal Channel Adam ! Just so informative ! Keep on Rockin In The Free World

  17. My first song was the Stones, Time Waits for No One. At the time when it came out, I wasnt a fan of Deep Purple since I was into folk music. I saw Dylan and others in concert. Now I go listen to Chevelle, Harakiri for the Sky, Ghost Brigade, Eluveitie…..

  18. I played bass, but “Smoke on the Water”; “Money” and “Dazed and Confused” are the first songs I messed around with, I miss those days!

  19. I saw a few years ago that the largest assemblage of guitarists EVER was there to play Smoke on the Water.:)

  20. Funny story here for you. A friend of mine was in a bar band a long time ago. A drunk girl came up and requested “Smoking Walter”. He said he never heard of that song. She said it’s famous and she started singing it. Smoooking Walter… the fire engine guy. He got on the mike and said there’s an unwritten law that you never play Smoke on the water live, but he just got a request for Smoking Walter. He played it and redid the lyrics to be smoking Walter… the fire engine guy.

  21. Yup, first riff I learned as well, that and some four-bar blues, and “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull… first riff I taught my son when he started playing guitar, now he plays circles around me…

  22. I worked in a music store in the 70s. Im very familiar with various arrangements of this riff. (see also – Stairway to Heaven)

  23. Mine was probably an imitation of the riff in the intro to 35 or 6 to 4 (na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na na-na-na-na (and repeat) … Sit-ting at the break of day … wait-ing for some-thing to say … (some-thing some-thing) on the floor … thir-ty-five or -six to four …)

  24. First tune I played was Blitzkrieg Bop….
    Many folk still believe that Smoke on the water is about smoking a bong!

  25. Of course this was the first riff ever learned. On the E string. Then someone taught me how to play it correctly and that started it all.

  26. So I guess some stupid is possibly still out there in the world somewhere and if he is, he knows who the song is referencing every time he hears it on the radio.

  27. Such a cool — and seems like a basic riff, but yet not many guitarists can actually play it correctly.

  28. One of my brothers was on the Pink Floyd camp and another was on the Deep Purple one. I had a good musical upbringing 🙂 Im on the Kate Bush camp fyi

  29. You need a producer to sharpen up your segments. Do you have anyone to give you feedback on your delivery or inflection and such with each speaking segment? You are doing a really great job, I just see these little opportunities for more polish to take you to the next level. You are channeling a strong frequency of Casey Cassum, but with more humanity. Its a good combination.

  30. Smoke on the water or Satisfaction were the first things I tried to play on guitar.

  31. Interesting thing is, that to any true Deep Purple fan, almost none would consider this as nothing more than their tenth or fifteenth best song.

    1. I been a Purp fan since way back….SOTW is definately…one of my top 5 by Purp

  32. 16:13 Ritchie Blackmore disbanded Rainbow and reunited Deep Purple Mark II in 1984 with Perfect Strangers. Blackmore quit in 1993.
    First riff? SotW

  33. Its been a long long time oh, I can narrow it down to three. It was either Little Black Egg, Inagodadavida or Secret Agent Man. That should give you an idea of how long ago it was.

  34. Im sure Smoke On The Water was one of the first I learned, but it wasnt the first. The first song I learned to play was REM Everybody Hurts. Back then, I knew this riff, but didnt know the song that well, nor did I know Iron Man, though I knew that riff too.

  35. The original lineup of Deep Purple reunited in the 80s. They put out the Perfect Strangers album and did a tour. I was in the Canadian Army, posted in West Germany at the time. There was a big outdoor Monsters-of-Rock-type concert in (I think) Mannheim. In addition to Deep Purple, who were the headliners, there was also Mountain, Meatloaf, and 2 or 3 other bands I cant recall. A bunch of us rented a van and drove up to see the show and we stayed in a hotel in town the night before. Well, wouldnt you know, it happened to be the same hotel the bands were staying in! We saw the guys from Deep Purple pass through the lobby–one of our group ran up and shook Ritchie Blackmores hand–and we sat around in the hotel lounge drinking and talking to some members of Meatloafs band. It was pretty cool.
    The show the next day was good. One thing Ive always remembered, though, was that Deep Purple played for 45 minutes or an hour or whatever… no Smoke on the Water. They came out for an encore… no Smoke on the Water. They came out from a second encore… still nope. Finally on the third encore they played it. That always struck me as so forced, so contrived. If there is only ONE song that people know from that band, thats it. Of course theyre going to play it. It just seemed so artificial to demand 3 encores before playing what everyone was there for.
    And yes… I learned to play the riff on guitar and piano. 🙂

  36. First song i played entirely….Country Roads…by John Denver…..but yeah…i cut my teeth on SOTW….and Iron Man…and Alright Now by Free

  37. Am I the only one who noticed the casino was just about to shut down for renovations, and then JUST before that, some random stranger fires a couple of well placed flares into the rafters, giving the people plenty of time to evacuate??? I’m smellin’ an insurance job!! 😂

  38. I cant play anything, but in a music class in high school my buddy who was a tremendous guitar player showed me how to play that riff on keyboard… I played it for an hour nonstop!

  39. Smoke On The Water never charted nationally as a single in Australia but it did chart highly in Brisbane and Melbourne alike but (not Sydney).
    Black Night, however, did chart at #1 in Australia around May 1971.
    My first learned guitar riff was definitely Status Quos Pictures of Matchstick Men.
    There were a few others following. Ronnie Burns (Aust) song called Smiley and Simon & Garfunkels Sound of Silence. Next was Allan Clarkes riff with the Hollies Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress.
    THEN yes… I had to learn Smoke On The Water. Every budding guitarist was playing it at the time but I also loved Roger Glovers bass riff for the hit too. Fantastic bass riff.
    And just as a side note: Roger Glovers hit in 1975 featuring Ronnie James Dio, Love Is All. Brilliant song, easy to play.

  40. Love the riff and I love the way the bass comes rumbling behind it. Awesome!

  41. Haven’t read all the comments, so I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but DP reformed in the same lineup (Mark II) in 1984 and recorded a couple of albums, Perfect Strangers being one of them (and the best IMHO). During that time, Gillan was forced out due to differences with Ritchie, and they even recorded one album with Joe Lynn Turner at the vocals. Ian came back at the insistance of other members and Ritchie left for good in 1993, after which they never regruped in the same lineup. So, the statement that they reunited in 2000’s is not really correct.

  42. I saw D P live at the Talk of the Town in London in 1973. They played Smoke for 17 minutes. Unforgettable

  43. I would call it the most iconic riff, not the greatest. I never understood whats so great about it myself. ts a good song, the riff just doesnt blow me away or anything.

  44. Metal is 19th century classical music with electricity and amplifiers. Ozzy Osbourne even wrote a tone poem in 1989 that was released in 1991.

  45. The first two words you said in this video told me exactly what song and riff the video is about.
    The real reason Deep Purple didnt want to release it as a single is that Deep Purple hated singles, and on their album Machine Head, Smoke on the Water was by far the worst song. This album had Space Truckin Highway Star, Lazy (Im just quoting the top of the list from memory) and several other great tunes. SotW was in no way the albums best song or Deep Purples best song…but making it the pop single from Machine Head made it Deep Purples most well-known song…and a riff that no actual rock guitarist would ever play except as a joke.
    Ok, carry on.

  46. Im willing to bet that your narration would be just as easy to say if you didnt constantly wave your hands around like that. Seriously though, its very distracting

  47. I was a freshman in High School in 72 and went to a Friday night School dance and the band played Smoke on the water as an opening song and it blew me away, I had to know who wrote this and which band played it and when I found out is was Deep Purple I because a huge fan and still today I am a huge fan, what a great riff!!!!

  48. My whole life I have been a working guitar player. What was the first thing I tried to play when I picked up an Axe for the very first time? You know it. Slow Motion Walter The Fire Engine Guy. I have actually heard a drunken guy requesting to me and my band in the bar calling it The Fire Engine Guy Song You know Cmon Play that song man!. I had no clue at first that he was asking us to play Smoke On The Water and was referring to the Line And Fire In The Sky when he said The Fire Engine Guy but after a while we figured it out to hilarious laughter among ourselves. So the Joke became well known and a bit tiring after a thousand bars of different drunken requests similar to this. Dont even mention Takin Care of Business. by BTO. LOL. The names are endless lol.

  49. Lots of crazy things in this video before getting started on DP … I wore that same Def Leppard shirt for many years after purchasing at the Hysteria concert with Tesla as the opening act; my eldest daughter now owns that shirt, purchasing at a Def Leppard/Heart concert that she and her husband went to winding down their honeymoon; The Beatles album in the background … I listened to my vinyl of that yesterday with my eldest daughters children! Anyway, dont forget that this formation of DP reformed in the 80s to release Perfect Strangers and The House of Blue Light … great albums! This album was VERY important to me growing up, as a guitarist and songwriter. My grandchildren have recently been introduced to Machine Head, and they love it! Machine Head spent a lot of time on my turntable, along with Aerosmiths first album and whatever Kiss was handy.

    1. I learned bass before I learned guitar. SOTW wasnt the first song I learned, but it was probably in the first five!

  50. It wasnt the first song to be banned from customers in music stores from trying out on the guitar, though – that dubious honor goes to Walk, Dont Run by any of the groups who recorded it in the 1960s. It was Surf Music(instrumental songs featuring twangy guitars) that died with an awful sound. And – as Jimi Hendrix said, – Were never gonna hear surf music again. The important thing about Deep Purple is that Smoke On the Water is like a fluke, to them. The video mentions the song Never Before as the bands first proposed single for the Machine Head album and the record company, who LOVED Smoke On the Water, said to the group, Youre joking, what about Smoke On the Water? And the group – who thought the song was interesting, but not the world-wide smash itd become – said to the record company reps, youre joking.

    In the Cheech and Chong movie, Tommy plays the intro to Walk, Dont Run in the music store. And the store clerks run to shut him down. Twas Ever Thus.

  51. My first album at 13 years old was Made in Japan. If my memory serves well, which I admit sometimes is not the case, it was saved up paper route money.

  52. when we recorded songs off the radio did the djs talk over the start and end of songs for flow or so we couldnt get a pristine free copies of songs?

  53. Come on America have a word, that got beat to number 1 by 3 other songs that, well what can you say about them? I know what i think, no matter what type of music your into you car,nt help play the air guitar, or at least think to yourself, yep thats what the guitar was made for, if it only ever got to play that one tune, and that was it, then that would still make millions want to play it.

  54. I love all of the details. Thanks. Someone said you can play a thousand notes for a few people, or a few notes for ten-thousand people.

  55. In about 1979 my friend and I were in Karcher Mall in Idaho. We paid a visit to the music store there both of us in our late teens. They had a keyboard there and a set of drums to test out. I played the riff from Smoke on the Water and he got on the drums and said go for it. Within 3 minutes there was about 80 people outside in the walkway staring in the store. The manager got nervous and said hey you guys better cut it off. The influence of rock n roll became very memorable for me at a young age.

  56. Yeah, this was definitely one of the first riffs I learned on guiter.
    I also had those red light bulbs back in the 70s you spoke of . I remember them well.

  57. Smoke on the water, Ironman, Sweetleaf, and Whole lotta Love were all my 1st learned guitar riffs, along w/ a few others I still proudly play them to this day 🤘🤘🤘 3 chords n the truth friends🤘🤘🤘

  58. Guilty as charged, yup, it had to be one of the first riffs I played when first learning to play. My most indelible memory of the song comes from the mid-70’s, when we were at a restaurant on Staten Island, not far from the Atlantic ocean, celebrating our cousin’s family’s imminent departure for Florida. Us kids were bored so we went outside and heard that ominous rumbling riff blaring from a nearby club and thought for sure that DP must be playing live next door, so spot on was the rendition. Back then, there were a ton of bands trying to make it on the Island – none did, though some musicians carved out a professional living as sidemen, and it’s still the home of Mandolin Brothers and the DiMarzios.

  59. Am I the only one who click the Like button the second the video starts? Without seeing the whole thing?

    Thats how sure I am it will be great stuff =)

    Never learned to play the guitar, but Smoke on the waters riff was the only thing I ever learned to play (badly) LOL

  60. Hard to believe Smoke on the Water is by the same band that sings Hush. Two very different sounds. Both awesome.

  61. Im pretty sure the first riff I ever learnt WAS smoke on the water. from a friend who played it in the wrong key!!! (E minor).

  62. Smoke is an awesome song, but IMHO Lazy is by far the best tune on Machine Head

  63. No, she has only been charged, not sentenced yet. Shes a woman so that means shell get probation even if convicted because women are above the law. Why do you think they act like this in the first place, Dummny? Because they can do whatever they want

  64. Coincidentally, I was literally listening to this song yesterday on a radio station. Pretty much one of the definitions of classic rock.

  65. Probably the most iconic riff with an amazing true story. Definitely one of the most recognizable as well. it was even used in the 90s TV show Beavis & Butt-Head on MTV, back when MTV was still relevant. Regarding Ritchie Blackmore, its been reported that he is/was very difficult to work with so that would also explain Ian Gillens departure from Deep Purple in the 70s.Deep Purple, along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were referred to as the unholy trinity of early heavy metal.

  66. Played the hell out of it in high school marching band in the stands. I can still hear the trombones honking it out.

  67. Regarding FZ’s injury, the fall into the orchestra pit left him with altered leg length and permanent back pain. Fun fact: it also inspired a line in Dancin’ Fool.

    “I don’t know much about dancin’, that’s why I got this song. One of my legs is shorter than the other and both of my feet’s too long.”

    Well, not exactly a “fun” fact. Perhaps mildly interesting.

    FZ was the most misunderstood genius of modern music. Steve Vai called him the Mozart of the 20th century. He’s not wrong.

  68. Great video, great background and great song. As you said, it’s simplicity is what makes it great. So many new guitarists play it wrong, in E not G, but that is ok. It gets them started and excited! I am a bit older (57) and learned this in G about ‘76 or so. First song I ever learned was Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Dylan. First guitar was a cheap Kay from Sears given to me by my mom’s boyfriend’s hippy sister, along with a copy of Are You Experienced. In ‘74 a friend took me to San Diego to see a concert that happened to be the first West coast show for Kiss and my rock n roll destiny was set. Thanks for the great detailed information on such an iconic song!

  69. I was two years old when this song came out. I would beg my Dad to play this song and I would roll around on the floor in front of the speaker!

  70. Excellent, as always! Definitely one of my first to learn, but I was playing 5ths not 4ths!

  71. Also: Beethoven was criticized for his 9th symphony finale for being too simple and childlike when it was first received.

  72. Hate this song, hate this riff, hate the tons of attention it gets.
    Play Highway Star.
    Play Fireball.
    Play Speed King.
    Play Lazy.
    Play Burn.
    Play Woman From Tokyo.
    Play Perfect Strangers.
    Play Hush.
    Play Child In Time.
    Play Space Truckin.
    Play literally anything else by Deep Purple, just dont play Smoke On The Water one more goddamn time.

  73. I never learned to play guitar. I really regret that. My Dad was a great guitarist and people would come to the house evenings and weekends and pay him $5 for an hour lesson.
    There was always awesome music rattling the windows.
    I never say down with him and learned. I regret that to this day.
    I remember Smoke On The Water playing on a portable 8 track player while my friends and I assembled model cars on a card table in my room.
    I miss those simple times, my friends and my Dad.
    He passed 10 years ago at 93.
    I only knew bits of this story. I love this channel.

  74. At 14:37 you said your grandfather had an old Gibson Les Paul. You might want to check on its whereabouts, because that would be awesome to have, not to mention possibly worth some serious money if its from the 1950s.

  75. I remember when Smoke on the Water was released as a single. I was only 8, but my older brother bought the album and played it constantly. Loved it in 1973 and its still in my Faves playlist 48 years later!

  76. I am a huge Croce fan, but there is no way Id put Leroy Brown (or either of the other two) above Smoke on the Water, an absolute classic.

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